Prepaid Electric Service (PES) Agreement

Prepaid Electric Service (PES) from Medina Electric Cooperative (MEC) is available to non-commercial members taking single-phase service under the General Service (GS) Rate within the Cooperative’s service area, in accordance with the Cooperative’s rules and regulations.

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Rules and Regulations for Prepaid Service

A. Eligibility

1. New – Any qualifying member applying for new service may choose PES regardless of payment history or credit rating.
• A $75.00 prepaid credit balance is required upon enrollment.

2. Existing – An existing member may choose PES at any time.
• A $75.00 prepaid credit balance is required upon enrollment.
• Any current or past due balance over $200.00 must be paid prior to enrollment in the program.
• Fifty percent (50%) of any future payments made on the account will be applied to the outstanding balance owed with the remaining fifty percent (50%) applied to the prepaid credit balance. Once the outstanding balance is paid, one hundred percent (100%) of any future payments will be applied to the prepaid credit balance.
• If an account is disconnected for non-payment, the member may apply for PES at the time ofreconnection.

B. Requirements/Terms/Conditions

1. To enroll in PES, no deposit is required.

2. Member must have, upon enrollment, a $75.00 prepaid credit balance.

3. After enrollment, the minimum payment amount toward PES is $25.00.

4. Any existing security deposit on file with MEC will be applied to the account balance and, if applicable, toward future PES.

5. Energy assistance or other types of assistance will be applied to the prepaid credit balance only when actual funds are received. Pledges or similar documents of intent will not be accepted to prevent the termination of electric service.

6. If a meter is unable to be read by the Cooperative on any day, the daily fees will apply and usage for that day will be estimated based on the member’s previous usage. Any under-billing or over billing resulting from an estimate will be adjusted after the meter is read.

7. Electric service will be disconnected automatically when a member’s prepaid credit balance is exhausted and reaches $0.00. Disconnects may occur Monday through Friday (excluding Cooperative Holidays)between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.Disconnected members must re-establish a minimum prepaid credit balance of $75.00 in order to be reconnected. Additionally the Cooperative may require a member to take other required actions to permit safe restoration of electric service before the Cooperative will reconnect electric service. The Cooperative will endeavor to reconnect electric service within 30 minutes of appropriate payment being made.

8. PES members will not receive a paper bill. It is the member’s responsibility to monitor member’s account balance and make payment as necessary to maintain a credit balance on member’s account.

9. Auto draft payment is not available for PES.

10. Budget billing is not available for PES.

11. PES accounts are not eligible for payment extension.

12. Critical accounts and members on MEC’s Life-Support Registry are not eligible for PES.

13. If a dishonored payment is received on the account, the amount and a Dishonored Payment Fee will be charged back to the member’s account immediately.

14. If at any time, a PES member wants to convert to a standard pay method, a deposit may be required. The decision to charge a security deposit will be based on existing credit reporting.

15. Payments for PES may be made in the office, by mail, by phone, by money gram, online at or with the SmartHub app. MEC is not responsible for any delay in payment processing.

16. MEC reserves the right to refuse to furnish service to a member at any new location until all delinquent bills of such member for services in any previous location(s) served by MEC are paid.

17. It is the member’s responsibility to notify the MEC office to request termination of service when moving or vacating the property.

18. At the time service is terminated, the member will receive a refund of any remaining credit on the account. If service is disconnected and is closed due to inactivity, any fees associated with reconnecting the service will be charged when reconnected.

19. By signing the agreement form, member is agreeing to abide by the applicable sections of the Tariff relating to the prepaid electric service governing the rate class for member’s meter.

20. Members are required to provide a valid email address, a phone number for text messaging, and/or a telephone number to receive notifications regarding member’s account status. It is the member’s responsibility to keep member’s contact information updated. Members are responsible for monitoring member’s prepaid account balance. The Cooperative will make reasonable efforts to deliver timely notifications of the member’s account status; however, failure to receive notifications does not affect a member’s obligation to pay.

21. Electric service can be restored automatically upon submission of a payment after disconnection. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that all electric appliances are turned off and that the member’s electric system is safe to energize prior to making any such payment. By signing below, the Member accepts full responsibility for, and agrees to hold the Cooperative harmless for, any and all damages arising from reconnection of electric service upon the submission of a payment.

I understand that by signing the Prepaid Electric Service (PES) Agreement, I am agreeing to abide by the terms listed above.

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